Our Mission

To redefine commute with you at the wheels

We believe you should have maximum control over every journey in a simple and easy way where you can choose the vehicle that meets your needs and style.


Our Story

Aufera (pronounced au-ph-ra) was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to build a mobility solution that is a 100% tailored to the unique needs of every individual.

Aufera currently does this by creating digital solutions that allow users access-by-rent to vehicles hosted by a community of vehicle owners who get paid for providing safe, clean, and comfortable vehicles.

To us, mobility is a vital part of human living that is crucial to individual and global prosperity. It is essential to ensure access to labour, access to health, productivity of economies, distribution of income and finance. It must therefore be optimised to reduce the physical, emotional and mental stresses it is currently associated with.

Car rental models already exist but when these services are tailored to current trends, culture and behaviour and combined with an increased accessibility and affordability to more and more people, it accelerates and creates a safer and more powerful industry - that is the future we want.

Our Values

This is who we are and how we do what we do everyday; the basis of our brand and the way we interact with members of the team, our customers, investors and partners.


We are in business to make our customers happy and meet their needs at all times.


Our service is founded on transparent action and communication. This helps ensure the best is always offered.

Growth &

We believe in continous growth of the team, company and our users. We do our best work to grow daily.

Teamwork &

Our success is powered by the collective effort and intelligence of our team members and partners.

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