Community Guidelines

Last Revised: December 28, 2021

Do right by each other

It's really that simple. In the context of car sharing, this process begins with a host offering a car that is ready for the road, and ends with a guest returning that car in the condition it was originally provided. If something happens along the way, we trust that the responsible party will stand up and resolve the issue.

Inspire Trust

Make sure your profile communicates who you are and includes a clear profile picture and your name. Remember that trips are for you alone and that if someone else wants to drive your car on Aufer, they need to have an Aufera-approved account. Describe and photograph your car so that guests are clear on what you're offering. Guests should never tamper with, abuse, or misuse a car booked through the Aufera marketplace.

Inspire Trust

We don't just mean the car, but also how you treat each other. It's okay to disagree, just keep it civil and productive, especially when picking up and dropping off the car. If either you or your host or guest has a concern, discuss it with mutual respect. Most unpleasant conversations can be prevented by keeping the car clean, odor-free, full of gas, and otherwise road worthy at pickup and return.

Tidy up loose ends

While most trips end as soon as hosts gets their car and key back, you may still need to square up on tolls, gas, or even damage after the trip is over. Promptly let the other party know that something's amiss, and try to resolve the matter quickly.

Obey the law

Hosts are responsible for ensuring their vehicle complies with all applicable regulatory laws and guests are expected to comply with all operating laws.